Universal Profile

I always hate to fill a section which is popularly known as ‘About Me’. I didn’t understand how am I supposed to type those 1024 or some random number characters, every time I sign up to a new site. When they can come up with ‘Open Id’ thing, WHY NOT no one thought about ‘About Me’ section…. After all this section is the next important thing after your user id and password., if you’re signing up for a new website.

As if, Google was listening, they thought about it and they now allow a user to create a public profile which can be shared with all Google services. Presently, it supports Google Maps and Google Reader but hopefully, in future, they integrate ‘Google profile’ with all their services.

I have already created a Google Profile and love to use it wherever I can. At  least, now I can copy my  ‘About Me’  information from one single page and can paste it where ever it is required.

Create yours or see if you have already one 🙂

SCJP 1.6 conquered!!!

I never wanted to write any technical post because I know how boring it could be for a lot of people. But then I thought what if, I can try to tell technical things in very very simplified way. I mean, how I understand them, how I learn them and how actually I use them.

Let me start with my first post on my first professional certification.

I passed Sun Certified Java Developer 1.6 on 2nd Feb, 2009 with 86% marks. I missed 90s and it’s ok :).

Suggestions, if you’re also sitting for this exam:

1:  Buy a Kathy Sierra/Bert Bates book which has been written for SCJP purpose only.

2: Play following games, whenever you are free. When you start scoring 100% in these games, you can THINK of being a SUN Certified.


3: Keep solving mock exams and visiting java sites and forums. Mock exams show your weak areas and that is really important. I will suggest to bookmark JavaBlackBelt, JavaPassion, JavaRanch. Once you go through these sites, you may fall in love with them.

4:  Most importantly, we learn from sharing. I wasted my few days with Samrat and solved some mock tests together. We challenged each other for the questions and didn’t allow each other to tell any answer without a genuine reason. Strategy worked out and we became very familiar with Sun’s 1.6 newly added features. Thanks Som 😉