SCJP 1.6 conquered!!!

I never wanted to write any technical post because I know how boring it could be for a lot of people. But then I thought what if, I can try to tell technical things in very very simplified way. I mean, how I understand them, how I learn them and how actually I use them.

Let me start with my first post on my first professional certification.

I passed Sun Certified Java Developer 1.6 on 2nd Feb, 2009 with 86% marks. I missed 90s and it’s ok :).

Suggestions, if you’re also sitting for this exam:

1:  Buy a Kathy Sierra/Bert Bates book which has been written for SCJP purpose only.

2: Play following games, whenever you are free. When you start scoring 100% in these games, you can THINK of being a SUN Certified.

3: Keep solving mock exams and visiting java sites and forums. Mock exams show your weak areas and that is really important. I will suggest to bookmark JavaBlackBelt, JavaPassion, JavaRanch. Once you go through these sites, you may fall in love with them.

4:  Most importantly, we learn from sharing. I wasted my few days with Samrat and solved some mock tests together. We challenged each other for the questions and didn’t allow each other to tell any answer without a genuine reason. Strategy worked out and we became very familiar with Sun’s 1.6 newly added features. Thanks Som 😉

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