hackingLife was moving on its path and suddenly a torment came. I was standing there with my eyes closed taking all the blows and was trying to look for the road to the destination. But damage was done. Destinations are made blur, barely visible but I have to walk. Now when I am aimless, I still have  some vivid memories of my dreams and I will try to put them here in sequence. Let’s see if  I can find myself again and complete this jigsaw-puzzle.

Whatever I will read/learn/hear/know, I will try to put them here together  (mostly about the web and the security, the two alcohols I love most).

To start with security I will quote what Mr. P. Chidambaram, the honorable home minister of India had quoted after Mumbai 9/11 attack:

“We are secure because of the God and the Destiny”

It was ironical to be said by a home minister, the very purpose of whose job was, to keep people safe and that’s why I think I somehow remembered it. because as much ironic as this is, this also is true for maintaining security of an organization. You’re gonna hear it from me more often and then.

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